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Study abroad in Norway!


Would you like to be an exchange student in Norway?

Come and experience Norway, the land with its beautiful nature and fresh air.

Experience the famous fjords, midnight sun during the summer, and the northern lights dancing in it’s unbelievable colours.

When beautiful autumn leaves in red, orange and yellow fly with the wind and the sun gently warms your face.

In november, when the first snowfall covers the street with white crystals, and mutes everything around you.

With ice cold winters with red cheeks and lots of fun activities.

In the spring, when the sun warms the ground and spring flowers peeks up from the most incredible places.

Come enjoy Norway with four great seasons and all it’s glory!

Norwegian students in snowy norway

Our host families are ready to welcome you in any part of Norway. We will also happily put together a tailored program for you, based on your personal interests and individual lifestyle.

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